Legend of Galactic Heroes Episode Guide

[This list is translated from the list found on Satake-kun's LoGH page]
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[Synopses for first season episodes from the LoGH Info Center]

First Series
#Translated TitleOriginal TitleInfo
1Into the Eternal Night永遠の夜の中でsynopsis
2Battle at Astateアスターテ会戦synopsis
3Birth of the 13th Fleet第十三艦隊誕生synopsis
4Empire's Afterglow帝国の残照synopsis
5Riot on Kastropカストロプ動乱synopsis
6The Knights of the Rose薔薇の騎士synopsis
7Iserlohn Invasion!イゼルローン攻略synopsis
8The Ruthless Oberstein冷酷なる義眼synopsis
9The Klopstock Incidentクロプシュトック事件synopsis
10Jessica's Struggleジェシカの戦いsynopsis
11An Actress Exits女優退場synopsis
12Attack on the Empire帝国領侵攻synopsis
13A Storm is Coming秋雨来たりならば…synopsis
14Frontier's Liberation辺境の解放synopsis
15Battle at Starzone Amlitzerアムリッツァ星域会戦synopsis
16New Trend of the Times新たなる潮流synopsis
17Before the Storm嵐の前synopsis
18Lippshatd's Secret Agreementリップシュタットの密約synopsis
19Yang's Fleet Set Offヤン艦隊出動synopsis
20Bloodshed in Space流血の宇宙synopsis
21Battle at Starzone Doria, and...ドーリア星域会戦、そして…synopsis
22Courage and Loyalty勇気と忠誠synopsis
23Collapse of Goldenbaum黄金樹は倒れたsynopsis
24Who Benefits From Victory誰がための勝利synopsis
25Day Before Destiny運命の前日synopsis
26Farewell, Distant Lightさらば、遠き日synopsis

Second Series
#Translated TitleOriginal TitleInfo
27First Battle初陣.
29One Narrow Thread細い一本の糸.
30Lost Things失われたもの.
32War without Weapons武器なき戦い.
33Fortress vs. Fortress要塞対要塞.
34The Return帰還.
35Determination and Ambition決意と野心と.
37Abduction of the Young Emperor幼帝誘拐.
38The Arrow is Released (?)矢は放たれた.
39Departure of Oneひとつの旅立ち.
40Julian's Journey; Humanity's Journeyユリアンの旅・人類の旅.
41The Battle Named "Twilight of the Gods"作戦名『神々の黄昏』.
42Invitation to a Requiem鎮魂曲の招待.
43Sounding of ?-Hornsギャラルホルンは鳴った.
44Occupation of Phezzanフェザーン占領.
45Arrival of the Cold Wave寒波到る.
46The Ark Fleet of Admiral Yangヤン提督の方舟隊.
47Search for a Universe of Freedom自由の宇宙を求めて.
48Two-Headed Snake ~ Battle of "Rantemario" (?)双頭の蛇〜ランテマリオの会戦.
49The Darkness Deepens闇が深くなるのは.
50Consecutive Battles連戦.
51Death Match of Vermillion 1バーミリオンの死闘(前編).
52Death Match of Vermillion 2バーミリオンの死闘(後編).
53Emergency Turn急転.
54Long Live the Emperor!皇帝ばんざい!.

Third Series
#Translated TitleOriginal TitleInfo
55After the Ceremony the Curtain Rises Again...儀式から再び幕は上がり….
56To the Earth地球へ.
57"Kyunmeru" Incidentキュンメル事件.
59Past, Present, Future過去と現実と未来と.
60To Capture the Magician魔術師捕らわる.
61Invitation to Opera歌劇への招待.
62Bleeding Stage of Blood (Cascade)血の流血階段(カスケード).
63Sacred Ground聖地.
64The End of Vacation休暇は終わりぬ.
65To Run From Every Flagすべての旗に背いて.
66Lowering of the Golden Lion Flag黄金獅子旗の下に.
67"Twilight of the Gods" Once Again”神々の黄昏”ふたたび.
68El Facileエル・ファシルへ.
69Battle to Regain Iserlohnイゼルローン再奪取作戦.
70Homecoming of the Enchanted (?) Children蕩児たちの帰宅.
71Battle at "Maru Adetta" Starfield 1マル・アデッタ星域の会戦(前編).
72Battle at "Maru Adetta" Starfield 2マル・アデッタ星域の会戦(後編).
73Imperial Edict of the Winter Rose Garden冬ばら園の勅令.
74Distant Destination前途遼遠.
76Before the Festival祭りの前.
77To the Windy Corridor風は回廊へ.
78Storm of Spring春の嵐.
79Battle of the Corridor: Ever-winning, no defeat回廊の戦い、常勝と不敗と.
80Battle of the Corridor: Kaleidoscope回廊の戦い、万華鏡.
81Battle of the Corridor: End of the Grand Expedition回廊の戦い、大遠征の終幕.
82The Magician doesn't Return魔術師、還らず.
83After the Festival祭りの後.
84Disappointing Victory失意の凱旋.
85Moving the Capital遷都令.
86New Government of August八月の新政府.

Fourth Series
#Translated TitleOriginal TitleInfo
87Premonition of Storm嵐の予感.
88In the Distant Region辺境にて.
89A Rose at Summer's End夏の終わりのバラ.
92Incidence at Uruvashiiウルヴァシー事件.
93In the Name of Pride矜持にかけて.
94Rebellion is a Hero's Privilege反乱は英雄の特権.
95Simultaneous Strike of The Two Great Ones双璧相撃つ.
96Surviving the Sword...剣に生き….
97Fallen by the Sword剣に倒れ.
98The Final Requiem終わりなき鎮魂歌.
99Running Start Toward the Future未来への助走.
100Long Live the Empress!皇后ばんざい!(ホーフ・カイザーリン).
101Invitation to Rebellion動乱への誘い.
102Challenge to Arms敢えて武器を手に.
103Cosmic Mosaicコズミック・モザイク.
104Peace by way of Bloodshed平和へ、流血経由.
105Planet of Confusion混迷の惑星.
106Burning Down of the House of Holly Oak柊館 炎上.
107Deep Crimson Path of Stars深紅の星路.
108The Young Princess Desires Blood美姫は血を欲す.
109The Golden Lion Flag Lost Its Lustre黄金獅子旗に光なし.
110To See the Dream Through to the End夢、見果てたり.

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