Ships in Legend of Galactic Heroes

[This is a translation of Kawasaki-kun's page found here]

1/36000 models

Hyperion - flagship of Yang Wen-Li (13th fleet) (911m)
Brunhilde - flagship of Reinhard von Lohengramm (1007m)
Patoroklos - flagship of 2nd fleet of FPA (1159m)
battle ship of FPA (624m)
destroyer of FPA (200m)
Spartanian fighter of FPA (40m)
imperial battle ship (677m)
imperial cruiser (576m)
imperial destroyer (170m)

Other Selected Ships

Rio Grande - flagship of 5th fleet of FPA
Leondias - flagship of 4th fleet of FPA
Pergamonn - flagship of 6th fleet of FPA
Ku Horin - flagship of 3rd fleet of FPA
Agateram - battleship of FPA
Ulysses - flagship of FPA
New destroyer of FPA
Tristan - imperial flagship
Beowulf - imperial flagship
Parcival (?) - new imperial flagship of Neithardt Muller
Parcival from another angle
Imperial high-speed battleship

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